Flowers for Bill

I like rules and I hate unknowns. I know, I know, that’s not reality, nor is it for sure the world we live in. Apply this sentiment to our current White House and how everyone is behaving, and it is exhausting and beyond unsettling. No one seems to be playing by the rules. I am starting to wonder that if I needed to pack my bags, where would it be safest to go? Aspen? With Ivanka and Jared? Not so sure.

I feel sort like a teething baby might. Voiceless and painfully frustrated, with no choice but to let the teething happen.Tooth by tooth.

It’s times like these that comedians are of such added value. We need to laugh a bit. Or there would be too much crying. Right or left side of the aisle, you have to admit, it is a shit show right now. Every day there is a new twist. That is probably why I am feeling the need this morning to pen a huge thank you letter to Bill Maher for his weekly show “Real Time” on HBO. Or maybe he likes flowers? Obviously I can’t send weed.

I want to be clear that I am whining here. I have a roof over my head and US citizenship, as many do not. There are innumerable individuals worldwide, who need more than just a comedy show right now to lighten their burden due to the actions or inactions of government.

Bill Maher and his brave and outspoken guests, (whether you agree with them or not) alleviate for me, some of this ‘teething’. Their opinions and humor, fused with experience, intelligence and passion about our current political status, take the edge off it all for me a bit. And no matter who speaks, I find myself educated.
Each week is like the well rounded dinner party (albeit left leaning) that I always dreamed of having, where there is a meeting of different minds but nobody storms off because they disagree. And frankly, I bet he and his guests could probably pass more bills on that show if asked, than Congress seems to be able to.

Jake Tapper in speaking with Bill Maher on last week’s show at one point spoke about the “indecency” that they are observing in Trump’s behavior saying “My children know better than that”- to which Bill Maher referenced Robert Fulghum’s book All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and how Trump was “violating” the rules.


Maybe I just need a nap and it will all look a little better on Monday.
Have a great weekend Everyone!

The Daily Unknown