Fired up on a Friday

Our objective at The Daily Unknown is to give you the knowledge that you need to make choices that are in your best interest when selecting lawyers, tax advisers, CPAs or any other kind of legal professional. It’s time, and we’re fired up about the injustices we see.
Just because someone looks good on paper, television or was referred to you by your Aunt Gladys, does not mean that they won’t over charge you if they think they can get away with it.
Billing by the hour seems to have become a sport. How are you to know what charges are real? It’s not your fault.
Secondly, fancy credentials don’t always mean accountability. We have seen too many cases where someone thinks they have hired a professional qualified to defend them, prepare their taxes etc., only to discover years later that things were not done properly because they hired the wrong kind of professional for their particular needs. It can all snowball.

Whether you have a lot or a little, it is YOUR money. It is YOUR house, business, credit, bank account, child, retirement, inheritance, marriage, divorce.. and we want to give you the tools to protect it.
Hopefully we can empower you to do so.