• Our mission at The Daily Unknown is to highlight certain myths and misinformation that exist within the legal system, and in doing so, offer you education, tips, solutions, and guidance that we hope will give some power back to you, the client. There is not one of us at The Daily Unknown, who didn’t themselves learn the hard way that they did not have the right information to protect themselves. We all got screwed at one point. We’d like to avoid that for you, and are hopeful that having a little bit of extra knowledge before you enter into your next transaction may do the trick. Some topics will include:the truth about credit scores
    opening a bank account
    buying a house (mortgages)
    lines of credit
    tax deductions
  • health care
    retirement plans
    opening a business locally and/or internationally
    living in two countries
    vetting those who claim to have your best interest at heart

    and many more……

    There are a lot of honest and hard working lawyers out there. There are also a lot of sharks who will take your last dime- a dime that you have handed them willingly because they scared you silly into believing it was the “only way” to solve your very urgent issue.
    While some of the cases and scenarios that we post may sound daunting, it is our intention to shed light on and ultimately crack open the way things should work legally. Despite what you are told, there is often more than one way.

    The Daily Unknown Team